A treasure hunt adventurer game.

Players can choose to play either the adventurer who came to find the treasure or the bandaged man who protects the treasure.

How to play

Select the character “RAIDERS” or “MUMMYAN” on the start screen.

If you choose “MUMMYAN”, the goal is to catch adventurers. You can catch them by touching. It will be clear if you catch everyone.

If you choose “RAIDERS”, the goal is to get the treasure out of the dungeon. There are three adventurers, and it will be clear if one of them can escape with treasure.

Whatever you choose, the common thing is that when the adventurer steals the jewel in the middle of the screen, exits are closed. The closed exit can be opened and closed by operating the lever at the edge of the screen (raider opens and mommy closes).

A captured adventurer can move again when touched by another adventurer. When an adventurer with a treasure is caught, the treasure returns to its original location.


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